Dylan Yeats, Ph.D.

Historian - Curator - Archivist - Consultant - Tour Guide

Dylan Yeats recently earned a doctorate in U.S. History from NYU. He works on how the politics of “culture war” have shaped Americans’ understandings of religion, race, class, gender, and sexuality from the Illuminati Controversy at the founding of the nation to the Islamophobia of today. Yeats co-edited Yellow Peril! An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear (Verso Press, 2014) with John Kuo Wei Tchen and is currently writing Benevolent Empire: Evangelical Politics in the Early Republic, 1790-1840, based on his dissertation. A committed public historian and trained archivist, Yeats has curated and consulted on numerous exhibits and community memory projects in New York City, where he also occasionally gives walking tours as a licensed sightseeing guide.